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During the summer, people around the Treasure Valley want to escape the heat by swimming or staying indoors. However, with the rising costs of energy use due to your air conditioner, how are you supposed to stay within budget? As always, Boise Awning has got you covered. Below are some effective tips to help lower your energy bills this summer.

Inspect Your Appliances

We are just about halfway through 2019, that’s why it only makes sense for you to inspect the appliances throughout your home. Start with your air conditioner and furnace and have them inspected by a certified HVAC professional. You’ll also want to inspect any larger appliances like your refrigerator to see if they need any necessary repairs. However, there are some small things you can do yourself like switching your lights from incandescent to LED to help lower your energy bills.

Install Sun Screens

On top of helping make your home a more relaxing place to live, high-quality shade screens can save you big bucks on rising energy costs. The shade screens we offer at Boise Awning can help you substantially reduce your energy bills while benefiting your family’s quality of life by protecting the inside of your home from the intense glare of the sun while giving you more joy out of your personal oasis.

Install Awnings

Staying indoors for long periods of time is guaranteed to raise your home energy bills. Why? You’ll be tempted to tinker with the thermostat more than usual, as well as other major appliances in your home. This is why you should extend your outdoor space with awnings. Furthermore, if you have a pool, a pool-side awning can provide you with the extra shade you need while taking a break from swimming.

Add A Patio Cover

At Boise Awning, we can create your ideal outdoor oasis with a shady patio cover to protect you and your family from the intense Idaho climate. From blazing sunshine to quarter sized hailstones, our top quality Boise patio covers are ready to withstand the harshest conditions Idaho can dish up. Protecting your patio surfaces and furniture is a great way to establish a comfortable place to relax in your yard.

Make Use of Rebate Programs

Take the time to check with your local energy provider like Idaho Power for rebates and offers. Utility companies like these often encourage their customers to switch to a more energy-efficient lifestyle. In Idaho, for example, Idaho Power offers incentives for the purchase and installation of energy saving equipment and services for heating and cooling your home. They also provide residents with free energy saving kits filled with efficient products and tips delivered right to your home.

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Ready to become more energy efficient? Let’s get started! Contact Boise, Awning today by filling out our online form or call us at (208) 376-6060. From patio covers to awnings to sun screens, we offer a wide variety of professional products and services to help keep your home and outdoor space cool this summer.