Fabric Patio Covers

Boise Awning provides fabric patio covers to Boise Idaho and all surrounding neighborhoods. If you are ready to create a relaxing, shady environment on your home patio, then contact Boise Awning through our convenient online form. Or, give us a call and we can speak with you one on one. You’ll be able to ask questions with a friendly, informed human being, right here in our Boise office.

One of our many specialties as a Boise outdoor remodeling company is installing patio covers to suit the unique needs and lifestyles of our clients. In addition to helping make your home a more attractive and peaceful place to relax, the addition of high quality home patios can increase your home’s market value. Such additions can also save you big money on heating and cooling expenses and offer you a calm, peaceful oasis from life’s many stresses.

Retractable fabric awnings provide a high level of flexibility and ease of control, requiring simply the touch of a button. The modern versions of retractable awnings include both sun and wind sensors. That means that when the sun comes out, the retractable awning automatically moves into place. This simple device protects your home from the scorching sunlight and reduces your air-conditioning bills.

Also, when a large gust of wind blows, the awning automatically retracts. This protects your investment from the intense damaging wind and rain we all know and love. Today’s busy families don’t always have a person at home to make sure an awning is safe from unruly weather. The motorized awnings sold by Boise Awning offer you the convenience of shade at the right time, and the durability of automatic retraction in heavy wind – all without any additional effort on your part.

If you prefer a more permanent set-up, you can select a fixed fabric patio cover. These high quality fabric patio covers are designed to slope downward naturally, drawing wet rain away from your home patio. The unique, durable frame and sophisticated method of securing the fabric to the frame affords the homeowner the opportunity to put the cover on in the spring season and easily remove it in the fall.