A lattice patio cover has many benefits when it comes to your back patio and your home in general. Here are a few reasons to choose a lattice patio cover over a traditional wood patio cover.

Lattice patio covers are maintenance free. They are easy to clean since in most cases you can just rinse your lattice patio cover off with a hose. You never have to worry about invasive and destructive insects causing damage to your lattice patio cover because our lattice patio covers are made of high quality aluminum. You don’t have to repaint your lattice patio cover, because it’s color will not fade. If you currently have a wood lattice patio cover you know the concerns about repainting, chipping, splintering, insect damage, and more. These concerns are a thing of the past when you have us help you with a lattice patio cover.

Customization options abound with our lattice patio covers. You can choose from many styles, colors, columns, and more. We will make sure that your completely happy with your patio area and that it fits with your style. We will give you a free in home estimate where you can choose all the options you desire.

The last thing we will talk about here is affordability. A lattice patio cover is an affordable option for remodeling your patio area. It may surprise you to know that you can get a beautiful lattice patio cover and be happy with the investment. As far as return on investment, because we know sometimes you have to relocate for work or family, you will be happy with the amount of value added to your home.

For all these reasons and more let us help you with a free in home estimate to discuss your new lattice patio cover. Call 208-376-6060 today for your free estimate.

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