Whether you have young children living in your home or visiting on occasion, child proofing is certain to be a top priority.  Did you know that window coverings with cords are cited as one of the top 5 hidden hazards in the home? Data shows that each month, a child between 7 months and 10 years dies from window cord strangulation.

How can you keep children in your home safe?

Boise Awning would like to share some tips from the Window Covering Safety Council.

The first thing to do is take a good look around your home. It is recommended that the following window treatments are either replaced or repaired:

  • Horizontal Blinds-manufactured prior to 2001
  • Roman and woven wooden shades with accessible back cords.
  • Blinds, Shades, and Draperies with unsecured continuous cord loop.
  • Corded Roll Up Shades

When looking to purchase or install new products, follow these safety tips:

  • Install ONLY cordless window coverings in young children’s bedrooms and sleeping areas.
  • Move all cribs, beds, and other furniture away from windows. Low standing furniture in front of a window is especially dangerous and commonly overlooked. A bookcase/chair/etc in front of a window looks nice but can serve as a step stool for a curious toddler.
  • Keep all window cords/inner lift cords out of children’s reach. Secure pull cords with a cord cleat. Secure continuous loop cords to the wall or floor.
  • Lock cords into position whenever horizontal blinds/shades are lowered, including when product is resting on a window sill.
  • NEVER use products with accessible back cords such as roman/woven wooden shades in reach of children.

Remember almost all window treatment options are available in cord free styles. You can get the look you want with the peace of mind of cord free technology.

Still confused? Need to discuss a specific product in your home or new purchase options? For customers in Boise, Meridian, Star, and all of Southwest Idaho as well as Ontario, Baker City, and Eastern Oregon, give us a call today at Boise Awning, where customer safety and satisfaction are always our top priority.

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